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Yussef Jeber

Hi!  I am Yussef Jeber, a social communicator from Venezuela who graduated from Santa María University in 2016, and I am passionate about videogames. I have more than 5 years of experience as a translator and my journey has led me to work for a wide variety of companies, actively participating in translation and localization projects in many fields of expertise.



My Story

I started in videogame localization three years ago and I have participated in projects of various genres, ranging from sidescrollers, graphic adventures, mystery, shooting, racing, fighting games, and RPG.

In my translation methodology, I use a CAT Tools and localization strategies to adapt the language of the game to the specific region to which the game is directed, making sure that the idiomatic expressions have their best translation in their Spanish version, whether the target is Spain or Latin American variant.

I like to work closely with the development team to establish a translation memory that can be updated in future versions of the game and also to create a glossary that contains the specific terms of the game and allows us to achieve consistency throughout the project.
My passion for video games is innate and since I have memory I have been addicted to them. Thanks to videogames I have been able to perfect my knowledge of English and this is why I have found my way as a translator since video games opened the way to the world of translation and localization.

Have you ever seen a badly translated video game? Few things cause me more laughter than seeing the wrong translations, especially of video games that have not been well adapted from Japanese to Spanish. But as a player, this does not cause laughter, but rather a frustration, since nothing is more frustrating than a poorly translated dialogue that prevents you from discovering a key piece of the story, and that this stops you from advancing in the game. Here lies the importance of a good localization.

Making a good localization is not just passing a text from one language to another, it must be taken into account that intrinsic expressions of the original language can have a specific equivalent in the target language, and therefore, you must have and apply the knowledge of the language, in its target region, to find the right term or phrase to express, not only the correct meaning, but the intentionality and personality of the game, and that players feel that they are facing a work that connects with them naturally.

Localization is one of the most exciting areas of translation, as it puts your creativity to the test and, at the same time, allows you to build the bridge between a videogame and the audience that will enjoy and engage in it.

Localization & Translation

I have more than 5 years of experience providing English to Spanish translations on fields such as Legal, Education, Marketing, SEO, Videogames, Apps, and TV Series to a wide variety of clients around the globe.

Subtitling & Transcription

Subtitling and transcription services both in English and Spanish.
I can transcribe or subtitle up to 40 Minutes per day and create accurate subtitles in all the major subtitle formats.  

Quality Assurance

I provide proofreading an QA on game localization, subtitles, translation memories and legal documents.





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